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Why SEO is important

Why SEO is Absolutely Important for your Business Many businesses today know (or think they know) SEO is important for the growth of their brand. However, with some businesses regarding SEO as some sort of alchemy, the importance of this invaluable tool has been watered down especially in the marketing space. Many are still uncertain ….  Read More

Google Adwords

So you would think Google AdWords is pretty simple right? You can run ads to generate more leads and revenue. You can sell more products online. You can bring more traffic to your website. But, unfortunately, it’s not that straight forward. There are other things to take care of. We’ll discuss that in another chapter, however ….  Read More

Importance of SEO

If you want to get an edge on the competition in 2019, then you need to know the latest facts a. This year, the majority of marketers plan to use SEO as a key tactic to increase website traffic and leads. Most are using blogs, rich content, responsive websites, photo and video to capture the attention of ….  Read More

Why a Franchise

WHY A FRANCHISE AND THE ADVANTAGES A Franchise represents a unique proven investment and business opportunity. Upon investing in a franchise you are immediately associated with a proven concept with access to business expertise. Experience in trading, product and service is immediately and readily available. Operational systems are in place right from the start. Training and consulting form part ….  Read More

Introduction to Franchising

Introduction to Franchising Who haven’t thought of owning your own business or franchise. In the current unsure economical and political climate many clear headed people have decided that it is in the best interest of themselves and their families to start their own business. You might argue that this is a big step and a ….  Read More