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Free Digital Marketing with Facebook when you Sign Up for our SEO Package.

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Facebook advertising is getting more powerful if you know how to use it. Change views into clicks. Change clicks into leads. Change leads into sales. Apps don’t work, only proper human interaction!

Using Facebook the correct way will bring you results. You will get the results to grow your business. Get access to the most powerful tools. There is no app that can replace human interaction on digital marketing.

Facebook Advertising

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Get this special package of Facebook advertising. Contact us to get a quote on your SEO. This would normally sell for at least R7500 to R 13000-00 per month but for a limited time only we offer some special packages.! Contact us for a quote on your business.

There is no contracts and this is a month to month service. You can cancel at any time with a 30 days notice. 

Turn your views into clicks and turn your clicks into sales. This is now the time to grow your business. Don’t let fear hold you back. Just do it!

No lengthy contracts. Only month to month with 30 days cancellation. After Sign Up you will receive an email with the requested documents to kick start your campaign. 

Facebook Ads

  1. Learn how to create proper Facebook content for ads.
  2. Learn how to target your audience.
  3. Engage pro actively with your audience.
  4. Learn how to get people to interact with you.
  5. Learn how to automate your campaigns.
  6. Learn how to close deals on FB. 
  7. Learn how to automate Messenger with Q&A
  8. Learn how to target your market.
  9. What content you need to succeed.

Google Ads

  1.  Do Google Ads the correct way.
  2. What is a snippet
  3. What is a call out extension
  4. How to create effective extensions
  5.  How to target keywords
  6. How to make keywords specific
  7. How not to throw money in the water and waste clicks
  8.  Bidding Strategies
  9. Get on the Top Searches for your product or service.

SEO – Searh Engine Optimisation

  1.  What is SEO
  2. Implement an effective SEO strategy.
  3. Which is the best SEO packages to use.
  4. How to display keywords on my website
  5. Meta Title & Meta description
  6. How to build links and the importance
  7. How and where to list your website
  8. How to get back links
  9. How to use Google Search Console
  10. The importance of Google my Business and Facebook in SEO
  11.  How to write website content for SEO.
  12. How to list on Search Engines.